Adil Photography: Blog en-us Adil Photography 2015 (Adil Photography) Wed, 24 Oct 2012 05:52:00 GMT Wed, 24 Oct 2012 05:52:00 GMT Adil Photography: Blog 65 120 Fall is in the air They usually say "love is in the air" around spring time, but as you can see there was plenty of love between Mr. and Mrs. Bromley during this chilly fall portrait session last weekend. Matt and Chelsea celebrated their first wedding anniversary this summer, and their adoration for each other comes through in every photo. 

Tragically, they had a less than spectacular Bay Area photographer botch their wedding photos and ended up with only one usable photo that a family member happened to snap. My goal for this shoot was to provide them with so many breathtaking images they wouldn't know what to do with them all! 

We headed up to the mountains in search of the perfect spot for fall foliage. By the time we reached our destination, a storm was moving in and the temperature dropped dramatically. Luckily there was plenty of heat between these two, and we were able to hike around and try some different locations. Once the snow flakes started to fall, it was time to call it a day!

These few are just a sneak peek. I can't wait for them to see the final collection :)


I still have a couple fall portrait sessions open. Contact me to book yours soon!



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Special Moments with Grandpa This weekend, I had my very first Grandfather-Grandson shoot out in the beautiful Rancho San Rafael Park. Couldn’t ask for better time, better weather or location to do this fall photo session. There was a sunny blue sky, very colorful leaves, and energetic subjects, especially the little Taylor! This was one of my favorite shoots, not just because of the weather and location, but I had so much fun chasing Taylor around and keeping up with him. He was such little boy; great laughs, great energy and silly stuff… the challenge was to keep him interested and maintain that level of high energy which allowed me to capture some amazing shots of him and Carl.  

This shoot took me back to when I was a little kid, playing with my grandfather and enjoying his company. Unfortunately, I don’t have any documented memories, except the ones that are stuck in my mind. If I could go back and have my pictures taken with my grandparents I would. It is so important to document time spent with your loved ones, and what better way than having a professional photographer capture them for you. 

I still have a few fall portrait sessions available. Contact me to book yours soon! The snow is coming! 




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Milky Way in The Dark Skies of Pyramid Lake Milky Way, Adil Photography

Dark sky, calm wind, ability and willingness to drive, cup of coffee ( have to stay up to 1 am),  a sturdy tripod, DSLR camera, and a super wide lens was the secret recipe of a successful picture of the milky way. The first attempt was out North of Reno, off the Red Rock exit. It was 11pm and we couldn't see the milky way. My friends decided that we should try another night somewhere else.

On the way back to Reno, I asked how long it would take us to get to a very dark area away from the city light and the light pollution; my friend said the closest place would be Pyramid Lake.

A perfect Sky for stargazing. We got there around 12am, set up my gear and started these long exposures, and there we go! A perfect shot for the milky way in the dark sky of Pyramid ( creepy place too!). I was asked if I'm going to do it again, without hesitation,I will totally do it anytime I have the opportunity.


Enjoy the shots :)



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Ali Family Portrait Session Adil Photography family portraits Capturing beautiful, memorable moments is my passion. I love photographing families and documenting the special connection between them. It was a great opportunity for me to photograph the Ali family and have fun with them....

I had so much fun in fact, that I started dancing. Not only because I was having a good time, but also because I had to keep little Avani's attention on the camera. So, camera in one hand, rattle in the other, I did what I had to to coax that precious little blue-eyed smile. We all got a little silly that day, and it was a blast.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.


"family portraits Reno","Reno Professional photographer"

Fall is here!  Get in touch with me for a beautiful, memorable family session :) 



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Northern Nevada Race for the Cure 2012  

Adil Photography at the Race for the Cure Although this was my first time at the Race for the Cure, Susan G. Komen Northern Nevada has been raising money for breast cancer research, treatment, and screening for 14 years! Since its foundation in 1999, the Northern Nevada affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure has granted over $3.2 million for local breast cancer programs and over $770,000 for research. It was a privilege to be a part of this year's Race for the Cure event.



Microsoft Operations team at the Race for the Cure Among the 4,600 participants was a great group of my colleagues representing Operations at Microsoft Licensing. It was so fun seeing so many teams come together for such an important cause.  



I've put together a fun slide show of all the pics. If you see yourself or your friends, be sure to pass it along! Enjoy!

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Mallory and Martin Fitness Shoot in Lake Tahoe   My love and passion for fitness started when I was a kid. I played soccer( the real football :) ), ran, biked, took Taekwondo.... so I was an active person my entire life.

Reno Fitness Photographer

When I moved to the United States nearly  7 years ago, the activities I was doing back home were different than here, so I started lifting weights and was hooked! Then, shorty after, my love for photography grew, and I wanted to become one of the top fitness photographers in our Reno Tahoe area.   I love photographing people who put a lot of time and effort to reach their fitness goals; their fitness achievements are truly inspiring and very motivational.

Reno Fitness Photographer I feel blessed to be able to drive 45 min and enjoy one of the most beautiful lakes on the planet. Lake Tahoe is a prime location for practically any type of photo shoot.

 My  formula  for a perfect fitness shoot= great sunny weather + crystal clear, teal blue Tahoe water + an amazing couple in their top physique. As a fitness photographer, I couldn't ask for more!

I had a blast this weekend with some of my favorite clients, Mallory and Martin, who were willing to drive up to Tahoe and hike to my special spot.Michelle did a great job helping me to get a stunning shots.  I always try make sure my clients enjoy their session and have a great time. 


Are you interested in doing a professional fitness shoot? Do you want top notch fitness photographer who will deliver a great experience with amazing results? Take advantage of the beautiful weather while lasts and contact me right away to book your fitness photography session.











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Fall Portrait Special Great weather and vibrant colors are the perfect formula for a fall portrait session. I’m running a special this month for families and couples, so schedule a session before the crazy Reno weather changes! I know it's hard to think about the holidays around the corner, but these pictures will make great holiday cards :) Contact me to schedule your session. I have a few openings left! 

Fall Family Portrait Special


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Rockabilly Birthday Party Rockablity, Reno tahoe photographer Another unique, creative birthday party I had the pleasure to photograph on Saturday. I was excited when I found out that the theme of the party was Rockabilly. Jacquelyn did a great job decorating the house and making it very Rockabilly-ish (I know I invent new words all the time!).

The party was a lot fun!  It was my first time photographing something like it, but I had a great time, which helped me capture great moments. Thanks again, Jacquelyn, for the opportunity. Please enjoy the great captured memories. And thanks to Jacquelyn's friend who totally gave me a taste of Acrobatic Yoga, which I will be taking soon :)

So all, anyone who needs a dedicated photographer to capture amazing moments, contact, facebook, call, text, email ME :)



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Color Me Rad Reno 2012  

Color Me Rad, a lot of fun, white clothes and splashes of color all over the place. Just to give some background to the event, this is a rendition of a Hindu religious festival that takes place in the spring called “HOLI”. While Holi has significance in the Indian/Hindu culture, the Color Me Rad version was a about getting crazy, having fun and even rolling on the ground to get as much color as possible on your white outfit.  I've never seen so many people come together with the sole goal of making as big a mess as possible!  I had the opportunity to be one of the official photographers to cover this event. Enjoy, Like & Share :)


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Win an Adil Photography Print!  

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Reno Balloon Races 2012 This was my second time attending the Great Reno Balloon Races since I moved to the country almost 7 years ago. As expected, early birds get the best parking spots, but on the bright side, we did get to avoid the crazy traffic jams. Couldn't have asked for a better sky and temperature. We were pleasantly surprised that we didn't freeze our backsides off! We didn't quite make it to Dawn Patrol, but still got to witness the sunrise. It was amazing over Rancho San Rafael park with Balloons all over the sky. Maybe we'll get up early enough to catch it next year....until then I hope you enjoy these pictures.

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Tahoe Show: Bodybuilders, Bikini, Figures and More I can't tell you how excited I was when I heard about the bodybuilding show being held in Lake Tahoe.  I was even more excited when I got the offer to photograph the show alongside Marcello Rostagni, capturing the backstage shots and documenting the accomplishments of these athletes.

I saw a lot of faces I recognize from the gym (I work out at 24hour Fitness baby!) that got me all excited to photograph such an amazing achievement in their lives; something that requires descipline, dedication, and hard work.

I had an opportunity to meet, share, and have great time with these guys and gals while photographing their long journey. During the show, Ben Pakulski was giving instructions to competitors around posing, diet and such. A very humble person and he didn't hesitate to give input to folks as needed. For more information visit stay tuned for the event pictures.

I love doing fitness photography, so if you  or anyone you know is interested in a fitness photo shoot or building a modeling portfolio, hit me up! Contact me here.



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Tri for fun The Fox family completed their 3rd Tri for Fun sprint triathlon event with great results. Michelle, Lexi, and Dave showed great heart finishing up a 1/2 mi. swim, 16 mi. bike and 3 mi. run in 90 degree temperature. The event was a lot of fun and very inspiring to see people from different age brackets  go out there and finish up the race. Good job again guys, I'm still hopping I will do it one day..... :) Enjoy the pictures!

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Congrats to our Graduates I had the honor of photographing a very special moment for my friends who accomplished a huge millstone in their career. Graduation….YAY!! The  graduation ceremony for Spring 2012 was held again in the beautiful quad at the University of Nevada Reno. CONGRATS again to all of you. Special congratulations to my beautiful girlfriend Michelle Fox for her accomplishments for MBA Student Award & Graduating with an MBA :)

 Spring 2012 Graduates From University of Nevada Reno




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Annular Solar Eclipse 2012 in Reno This was my first annular solar eclipse that I got the chance to photograph( last one I remembered was in 1994, I was a kid :) ). I couldn't get the hold piece of welding glass on time. My setup was, 50D, 70-200mm 2.8 IS, 2 x 10 stops ND filters, UV filter. I stacked the filters together, use the live view on my camera to compose the shot. My settings were ISO 400-800, exposures varied between 4 seconds, to 1/1000s, F 4.....and VOILA! next one will be in 2045, until then Enjoy these shots!

Reno Annual Solar Eclipse, Reno Photographer

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Mallory & Martin's Shoot Great times photographing my two friends Martin and Mallory, along with the help of my girl Michelle out in Rancho San Rafeal Park. Sunny day, but I took on the challenge to over power the 12 pm sun and came up with great pictures of the couple. A lot of fun with this cute couple. I hope you enjoy these memories.



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New Born Session For the first time ever, I had a chance to photograph a baby. Easy? No way! This was one of the hardest shoots I have ever done. Fun, absolutely! 

Arron, allowed me to photograph his new baby daughter, Alissa, here in Reno, Tahoe area. She was one and half months old. Beautiful and happy little girl. I did what I had to do to make her smile and snap up those precious moments. 

Congrats again for the newborn, and I'm coming back again to capture and freeze more special pictures :)

Reno Photographer

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First Wedding in The 2012 Season Last Saturday I had an opportunity to be a second shooter for Lauren and Chris’s wedding up in Edgewood at South Lake Tahoe with Erin Michelle. The weather was very intimidating, and I thought we are going to be shooting in the snow. Sure enough after an hour drive the weather looked not all that bad. I got there 45min before the scheduled time to go to Mont Blue Hotel to take pictures of the groom and his men getting ready. After a quick sync with Erin I checked out the place for the third time( came up to the place a couple times in the past weeks) and get the final thoughts of the ideas and pictures I was going to shoot. Got my two cameras read to start shooting ( canon 5D MKII and Canon 1Ds MKII, with 70-200 2.8 and 24-70 2.8 lenses.). started with the groom and his men getting ready, a few shots of their little boy Quinn waking up and getting ready. Due to the weather, the wedding reception ceremony was moved  inside, I was very bummed out as I was very excited to freeze that moment and capture it with the great lake of Tahoe. But I managed to get a few great shots of the couple outside during the sunset, we stole them for about 15 min to get some good sunsets pictures. The wedding amazing and we had a blast with the married couple and their families. I’m very excited to start the wedding season, and looking forward to capture more and more of the great moments of our clients. I hope you enjoy the wedding pictures....Congratulations  again to Lauren and Chris.

Reno, Tahoe, Weddings, Photography, Adil Photography



















Reno Tahoe Photographer

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